Saturday, May 18, 2013

Sea to Ski Jr. Parade

Connor and Cameron's scout troop was asked to be the color guard for the Jr. Ski to Sea parade on Friday. So, I packed up everyone (except Devon who was still sick) along with sub sandwiches for dinner, since the parade started at 6:00, and headed into town. The boys had to be there at 5:00 for set up, so this is what my littles did for an hour while waiting for the parade to start.
Daddy was (Thankfully) able to meet us at the parade to help out.
The little ones actually did amazingly well with the wait. Morgan had one meltdown when the balloon vender went by and she was told that I was not buying any overpriced balloons, but recovered quickly enough that I was able still able to buy the bag of cotton candy I had planned to buy when that vendor came past us. I don't buy goodies for children throwing fits even if I had planned in advance to buy the goodie. Brenna turned out to be quite fond of cotton candy.You can't see her sticky face in this picture though.
Owen was absolutely thrilled with this blue dragon since blue is is favorite color. He currently thinks anything blue is just for him. He and Morgan also got to sit on a police motorcycle and play with the lights (not the sirens though).
These were our favorite floats! The best part of the parade was that it barely even rained.

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