Monday, May 13, 2013

New Kitty

I got a new kitty for Mother's Day! I have been going our local library's Kept in Stitches event once in a while now that Devon is able to take the boys to Scouts. I was mentioning that we were thinking of getting another cat since we have such a huge rodent population out here in the country. It just so happened that one of the other ladies was feeding an abandoned kitty(the previous owner had died). She and her husband didn't want to be tied down to a pet at this point in their lives, so she was looking for a good home for this beautiful mouser.  So, I said we'd be thrilled to take the kitty. Kitty, however, wasn't so excited about the idea and took a few weeks to be caught. They finally managed to capture her and brought her to us Mother's Day morning. She's very shy, but incredibly sweet once she decides to let us get a hold of her. She even let Morgan haul her around for a while! The kids have decided to name her Cashmere since it is one of Brenna's favorite words (smart girl!) and she came from my knitting group.

Weasley is absolutely in love and won't leave her alone (she's fixed )!

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