Thursday, May 9, 2013

Brenna's Sweater and Climbing

So, I didn't finish Brenna's sweater in time for her party. I did finish it in time for her actual birthday a few days later though. The pattern is Cyclades Vest with a few modifications. The pattern uses contiguous set in sleeves, which was a new technique for me. I prefer top down seamless knits because you can try them on while you are knitting, no seaming(meaning no sweater parts sitting in my knitting bag waiting to be put together forever), and being able to use every last bit of yarn if I want. The only problem is that top down knits are usually raglans and sometimes that isn't the look I want. this little technique takes care of that problem.

In this post , I talked about how we moved our science project to the upper level of the play gym so Brenna couldn't reach it. Well, I guess she didn't like that because while we were outside trying to get her to hold still long enough to get pictures of her new sweater she did this.
Yes, all by herself! When she got to the top she turned around and yelled "Did It !". This child is certainly going to keep me on my toes.

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